Stainless Steel Tank (Huili Brand)

Stainless Steel Tank (Huili Brand)

Huili stainless steel water tank, both SS304 & SS316, adopt the import food level SUS stainless steel plate, interdicts the sunlight thoroughly and maintains the water quality and no algae growing. Factory use unique stainless steel plate and the high difficulty ramming formation craft to achieve the high strength requirements with the smallest material consumption. The weight only be one third of the ordinary panel.

Insulate panel fully in line through the overall locking and covering the surface. We can accord your requirement to model different size of the panel, the volume can meet all design requirements. And if the installation site has no special request we can provide insulation services.

Key Features

The key features of this Stainless Steel Water Tank are as follows:

  • Fast Delivery
  • Reliable Quality
  • Dimension Flexibility
  • Convenient Installation
  • Ensure Water Quality

Stainless Steel Tank Structure

Stainless Steel Tank Technical Data

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