Overview Of The Whole Water Tank

Overview Of The Whole Water Tank

Concrete tanks have been used as water storage throughout the history. Though some of these storage is still in service, innovative designs for water storage are now in demand for use in many applications such as drinking water for residential and commercial use, fire suppression, manufacturing plants as well as many other uses. Considering the fact that all general facilities requires a storage tanks for any specified usage, there are already have various types of water tanks available in the market.

SUPER TOWER INDUSTRIES PTE LTD is a water tank specialist that offers one of the most reliable and easy to construct water storage type, the sectional water tanks, comes with different kinds of materials manufactured to specific applications. Our water tank types available are as follows:

  • GRP / FRP Sectional Panel Water Tank
    • Non-Insulated Type Water Tank
    • Insulated Type Water Tank
  • Stainless Steel Sectional Panel Water Tank
  • Pressed Steel Sectional Panel Water Tank
    • Steel Sectional Water Tank
      • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Water Tank
      • Enameled Steel Water Tank
      • Gush-Paint Steel Water Tank
    • Galvanized-Stainless Steel-Composite (GSC) Water Tank

SUPER TOWER INDUSTRIES PTE LTD are experienced to offer high quality spare parts and long-term cost efficient services to our clients thus helping us to become one of the reliable service provider across the country.

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