Overview Of The Whole Cooling Tower

Cooling tower is a distinctive variety of heat exchanger that enables water and air to interact with one another to bring down the water temperature from the higher temperature. Amid this procedure, little volumes of water dissipate, bringing down the temperature of the water that is being flowed all through the cooling tower. In short, a cooling tower cools down water that gets over heated by industrial equipment and procedures.

SUPER TOWER INDUSTRIES PTE LTD offers mostly the common induced draft cooling tower systems that are generally used in large office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and even in other industrial processes and facilities. We offer the following cooling tower models as follows:

  • Crossflow Cooling Towers
    • BHD Series (Low Noise and Super Low Noise Square Type)
  • Counter Flow Cooling Towers
    • BND Series (Standard Low Noise Round Type)
    • FBND Series (Low Noise Square Type)
    • FBNZ Series (High Temperature Square & Round Type)
    • FBNG Series (Super High Temperature Square & Round Type)

SUPER TOWER INDUSTRIES PTE LTD are experienced to offer high quality spare parts and long-term cost efficient services to our clients thus helping us to become one of the reliable service provider across the country.

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