Super Tower Industries (STI) & TRI Quantity (TRIQ), a specialist in optimising and reducing energy consumption (and therefore costs and carbon) using real-time Energy Monitoring & Targeting and Control System Optimization, a solution identified as one of the most energy saving option in terms of return on investment.

This is a Proof of Value (POV) and Energy Audit agreement. We will carry out energy audit and installation of energy monitoring and targeting solution at zero cost to building owner with an agreed Proof of Value KPI (key-performance-indicator) to a selected system or equipment. The key objective of this POV is to demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions, establish a baseline and estimate the potential energy saving for the entire facility.

A comprehensive Energy Audit Report with Energy Management recommendation will be presented to owner. This report will be done based on real time data acquired from your premises and operational conditions observed. Following the acceptance of the Energy Audit Report and Energy Management recommendation, the commercial Shared Savings Plan Agreement will be drafted (based on the Report and specifying the Baseline, the Energy Savings, the Operational KPIs). Upon acceptance of the commercial agreement, the full implementation will be carried out, also at zero CAPEX cost to building owner

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