Warehouse & Cold Rooms

Commercial Refrigeration systems are designed to store products at a pre-determined temperature, in order to extend their shelf life. In almost all cases a thermostat is used to determine changes in air temperature, cycling the compressor on and off to maintain that level.

By maintaining the temperature of the air inside the cabinet at a pre-set level it is anticipated that any stored product will take on the same temperature. However, due to the differing thermal characteristics of air to most products, air temperature is rarely an accurate measure of product temperature.


Our technology device that contains a high-tech simulant with the same thermal characteristics (thermal conductivity and thermal mass) as typical organic products.

It placed directly over the existing thermostats (thermistors or probes) within the refrigeration system, ensuring that the refrigerator reacts to changes in product temperature, not air. This results in a more efficient refrigeration cycle, where the individual compressor cycle lasts longer but frequency is reduced by up to 80%. This results in energy savings of up to 33% without any

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Chilled Water System Optimistation

There are various components in the whole Air-conditioning system that can be optimized with the latest automation and advanced IOT control logics. Based on outcome of the steps above, we can target and implement customized solutions which is fitting your needs.

Cooling Tower Approach

Cooling Tower System need to be reasonably managed and maintained, however the lack of an intelligent automation system and absence of accurate and accessible energy monitoring creates a setback in optimising the equipment to its optimal performance

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