GRP/FRP Tank (Samsung Brand)

GRP/FRP Tank (Samsung Brand)

Samsung GRP Sectional Tank is designed to satisfy the basic requirement by using Glass Reinforced Plastic. Our GRP tank panel undergo hot pressed moulding at high temperature using the application of SMC method. Tank make from Glass Reinforced Plastic are anti-corrosion, light, durable and Ultra-violet resistance. As the installation are assembled by every single pieces of GRP Panels, we are able to fit to different tank size requirement.

Samsung GRP Sectional Tank Panel come with Standard “Non-insulated” and “Insulated Panel”.

  • Non-Insulated Type Water Tank
    • Samsung Non-insulated GRP Tank can be used for Potable Storage Tank or Aircondition Make up Storage Tank.
  • Insulated Type Water Tank
    • Samsung GRP Tank panel has a very low thermal conductivity. Our Samsung insulated tank panel has specially developed low thermal conductivity rigid polyurethane foam, fabric in between GRP single panel and resin cover which enhance a very good thermal conductivity. Samsung Non-insulated GRP Tank can be used for Chilled Water or Condenser Water Tank maintaining lowest temperature of water at 2 degree celsius.

The key features of this Samsung GRP Tank are as follows:

  • Wide Range of Availability
  • Clean and Hygienic
  • Leakage – Free
  • Intensity and Durability
  • Heat Insulation and Dewdrops Prevention
  • Easy to Assembly and Moving

GRP/FRP Installation Conditions and Design Standard

GRP/FRP Water Tank Reinforced System

GRP/FRP Water Tank Technical Data

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