Counterflow Cooling Tower

Counterflow Cooling Tower

Circulating warm water caused via cooling condensers is tapped through the hot water distribution piping directly into the cooling tower. Unlike crossflow towers, the warm water is directly distributed equally over the PVC Infills through a pressurized sprinkler pipe. Outside air flows upward through the layered infills from the lower part of the cooling tower and parallel to the water flowing downward resulting a counter flow interaction of air and water in which the induced air takes out the warm vapor and cools the hot water hence the heat transfer process occurs. Same like a crossflow tower, the warm air inside is then being pulled out by an electric motor-driven cooling tower fan. The colder water collected in the lower water basin gets pumped back to the cooling condensers and reiterates the process to constantly cooldown the condensers.

Key Features

The key features of this counter flow type are as follows:

  • Lower initial cost due to basic piping layout
  • Space-efficient and installation time are lower than conventional types
  • Can withstand cold environment and more freeze resistant
  • Wide choice of models and can customize other special temperature requirement

Cooling Tower Structure

  1. Motor
  2. Fan Blade
  3. Casing
  4. Sprinkler Pipe
  5. Sprinkler Head
  6. Center Pipe
  7. PVC Infill
  8. Ladder
  9. Infill Support
  10. Air Inlet Louvre
  11. Casing Support
  12. Water Basin
  13. Auxiliary Suction Tank
  14. Tower Support Structure
  15. Water Inlet / Outlet

BND Series Standard Specifications

FBND, FBNZ, FBNG Series Standard Specifications

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