Cooling Tower

Cooling tower is a distinctive variety of heat exchanger that enables water and air to interact with one another bringing down the water temperature.
Our products are high efficiency, superior corrosion resistance, low noise, environmental protection, easy installation, simple operation, and robust in performance.

Cooling Tower

Super Tower Industries Cooling tower is a distinctive variety of heat-exchanger that enables water and air to interact with one another to bring down the water temperature from the higher temperature. Amid this procedure, little volumes of water dissipate, bringing down the temperature of the water that is being flowed all through the cooling tower. In short, a cooling tower cools down water that gets over heated by industrial equipment and procedures.

We offer mostly the common induced draft cooling tower systems that are generally used in large office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and even in other industrial processes and facilities.

OPEN CIRCUIT Crossflow Cooling Towers

BHD Series (Low Noise and Standard Low noise Square Type)


Closed Circuit Cross-flow Cooling Towers are designed for high efficiency with easy installation and low maintenance.
SQBF Series (Cross Flow Cooling Tower)
SQBN Series (Counter Flow Cooling Tower)
SQBH Series (Cross Flow Cooling Tower)

Dry Cooling Towers

Dry Cooling Tower incorporates the shell and tube type design with copper tubing & aluminum foil fins. The water losses are 0.01%, a closed-loop tower which is sustainability and environmental friendly. Dry cooling towers operates with minimum amount of water in the entire process with high efficiency of heat transfer. High volume of air passing thru from the louvers onto the large surface of heat-exchange coils. High volume of heat are effectively drawn out by the high speed fans.

Open Circuit Counter Flow Cooling Towers

BND Series (Standard Low Noise Round Type) BST Series (Super Low Noise Square Type)


Evaporative Cooler are designed for cooling of the process fluids for gas refrigerant. It utilize the evaporation of moisturized water to absorb the heat from the high temperature inlet of the refrigerant In the evaporative cooling system, the compressor discharges high pressure evaporated refrigerant in gas form, which passes through the heat-exchange coils, this process will transformed the gas refrigerant to liquid form. The high static fan continuously drawn the hot-air out from the wet-infill & drift eliminator.


The Dry Cooling Tower consists of Air Cooled fluid coolers, through which the water is circulated. The atmospheric air is forced through the aluminum foil fins by induced draft mechanism. The heat from the water is taken away and ejected to the air thus cooling the water temperature. This operates on the principle of heat transfer by a heat exchanger with extended fins

Super Tower Industries also offers custom-made cooling towers in order to meet certain site conditions example: space area, height, environmental requirement and etc. With our technology and experience over the years, we have launch our latest Environmental-friendly Cooling Tower that enable the system to detect and prevent legionnaire's disease through our IOT Smart control system

Super Tower Industries offers high quality services, spare parts and long-term cost-efficient solution to our clients thus helping us to become one of the reliable service providers across the country.

Smart Cooling Tower System

  • Cooling Tower System are well managed and maintained, with our intelligent automation system the accurate and accessible energy monitoring optimised the equipment to its optimal performance
  • Our IoT Smart Control Technology will enhancement the performance on Chiller and Cooling Tower systems which improved the energy usage of the existing air-conditioning system.
  • Scheduling for CT and pump for daily operation and rotation
  • Reduce system downtime as the IoT Smart Control able to perform remote CONTROL & MONITORING capability via local or remotely.
  • Auto Schedule that reduce manpower operation. √ Real time system report and data trending
  • Predictive and Preventive measurement
  • Auto-detection for system performance, malfunction of motor, failure of fan assembly and belt motor
  • System messaging for service team for repair
  • Seamless integration to existing control system

HVAC system are, effectively, everything from your air-conditioner to the large system used in industrial complexes and apartment blocks.

  • HVAC system aims to provide thermal control and outdoor comfort, and one of that is designed using the principles of thermodynamics, fluids mechanics and heat transfer
  • HVAC will account for as much as half of the energy they used. With this in mind , it’s important to choose a HVAC system that will meet your  comfort needs, without drawing the excess power and escalating your cost of living 

SUPER TOWER are able to provide our customer the best energy efficient system without compromising the comfort of cooling in your living environment

Our powerful “state-of-art” Digital Technology and Smart HVAC system seamlessly integrate into your building facilities, thus it SAVE ENERGY and SAVE MANPOWER operations

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GREE SYSTEM - FULL series gas, air-cool, water cool

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