About Us

Company Profile

Super Tower Industries Private limited was incorporated in 2006 with a management spirit that we must offer only the highest quality services to our clients and engage in business relationship which are beneficial to customers and ourselves. This principal has been the guiding influence on all our business strategies and goals. Throughout the years we have grown from a cooling tower supplier to a company that offer a powerful “state-of-art” solution for smart estates and smart buildings.

Super Tower Industries Private limited has invested into technology and business venture that incorporated the traditional construction’s MEPS (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing & sanitary) systems into a Digital Twin – IoT intelligent system.

Regional Offices:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam (HCMC)

Super Tower Industries Private limited an agent for:

  • SUPER TOWER Cross flow & Counter flow Cooling Tower (manufacturer)
  • GOLDENHOME Furnishing and Kitchen (exclusive agent)
  • SAMSUNG GRP Water Tank (exclusive agent)
  • HUILI Water Tank (exclusive agent)
  • BEST Energy Management system (exclusive projects partnership)
  • Digital Twin & Digital Navigation (Super Tower’s Intellectual property right for MEPS market)