SUPER TOWER INDUSTRIES PTE LTD provides a complete line of products to keep your cooling tower running at optimum level at all time.

Besides supplying all PVC infill and other spare parts, we also provide additional products and services like :

  1. Maintenance of Cooling Towers
  2. Repair of Water Tanks
  3. Modify and upgrade existing Towers
  4. Arrange CTI license tester for Cooling Tower's performance test on site.
  5. Supply of FRP Duct for Round and Square type.
  6. Provide CUSTOM MADE COOLING TOWER per site constraints.
  7. Provide direct delivery of Cooling Towers and Water Tanks from Factory to destinated Country.
  8. Replace of parts for all kinds of round and square towers with performance guarantee.
  9. Provide free site survey and reports on existing towers and system.
  10. Repair leaks on existing Cooling Towers.
  11. Repair of Mechanical Ventilation Fans
  12. Overhaul of Water Tanks


Sprinkler Head

Drift Eliminator
PVC Infill

Fan Blade
Axial Fan

End Suction Pump

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